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Power Up Heroes

As graphics programmer for Longtail Studios (now Ubisoft) for this Xbox 360 title, I created custom shaders for in-game visual and post-processing effects. I worked closely with the art team. I tuned the art pipeline from Maya/Max through the asset viewers through the level editor and finally into the game. Improved the lighting system and the shader cache system. I also worked on resource bundling for fast DVD loading, gave the art and level design teams a fast “tweaking” path, and built a debug tool for the runtime state of the game. (This game is quite fun. It is still the go-to game for my daughters when we fire up Xbox Kinect.)

Power Up
Pirates of the Burning Sea Pirates of the Burning Sea
As graphics developer for Flying Lab Software, I replumbed the runtime shader system, added graphics statistics gathering and reporting, optimized many of the shaders to support the minimum specification machines, and added support for antialiasing and anisotropic texture filtering. As a tools developer, I updated the art tool pipeline to smooth the export from Maya and import into the game editor (for ships, characters, props, sets, portal/cell visibility, physics, and path planning.) Made many edit/debug loops tighter for the artist by doing hot-loading of the new assets.

Ferry Education Pilot
Developed moving map display of ferry position while highlighting ecologically and historically interesting sites with short films (such as this one, with a storyboard by Peter Chan.)

Washington Ferry Ecological
    Education Pilot
UpperDeck University UpperDeckU
In this project with Upper Deck Company, I stepped in as lead programmer for Flying Lab Software with six weeks to go until a hard deadline. Even though this was a 2D web game, we faced a complex server architecture, a large art asset base, and lots of minigames. With deep triage and intense focus, we shipped on time.

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