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Nymph (Working title.)
Screenshot of a game being produced by Triple Junction Studio LLC.
I have been working on many parts of this game: game code, graphics engine, simulation engine, and art pipeline.

Copyright 2004 Triple Junction Studio LLC. All rights reserved.

Selection of work done while at the Xbox Advanced Technology Group:

Xbox Fur Sample Xbox Fur Sample
In this sample, I took my work done in Microsoft Research on rendering fur in real-time and made it practical to use on the Xbox.

Xbox Grass Sample
This sample demonstrates realistic grass with painted stripes and how to transition from fairway to green.

Xbox Grass

Selection of work done while at Microsoft Research:

Furry Bunny

Real-Time Fur over Arbitrary Surfaces
Jerome Lengyel, Emil Praun, Adam Finkelstein, Hugues Hoppe
ACM 2001 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics
Microsoft Research fur writeup.
[Acrobat, 5.4MB]
2001 ACM Download Acrobat Reader

Real-Time Fur
Jerome E. Lengyel
Eurographics Rendering Workshop 2000

Furry bear with soft-edged shadow rendered in real-time

Animated Vertex Matrix

Compression of Time Dependent Geometry
Jed Lengyel
ACM 1999 Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics
[Acrobat, 1.1MB]
1999 ACM Download Acrobat Reader
[, 11.9MB]
Errata: The SNR ratios shown in Table 1 are a factor of 2 too high.

The Convergence of Graphics and Vision
Jed Lengyel
IEEE Computer, July 1998
[Acrobat, 1.2MB]
Approaching similar problems from opposite directions, graphics and vision researchers are reaching a fertile middle ground.
1998 IEEE Download Acrobat Reader

IEEE Computer, July 1998, cover art by Dirk Hagner

Visibility Sorting

Visibility Sorting and Compositing without Splitting for Image Layer Decompositions
John Snyder and Jed Lengyel
[Acrobat, 536KB]
1998 ACM Download Acrobat Reader

Rendering With Coherent Layers
Jed Lengyel and John Snyder
SIGGRAPH 97, pp. 233-242
[Acrobat, 421KB]
1997 ACM Download Acrobat Reader


Chicken-Crossing used these techniques to demonstrate the Talisman architecture.

Chicken-Crossing Sprites

Spaceship Flyby

A Decision-Theoretic Approach To Graphics Rendering
Eric Horvitz and Jed Lengyel
UAI 97

Selection of work done while at the Cornell Program of Computer Graphics:

Time-Dependent Three-Dimensional
Intravascular Ultrasound

Jed Lengyel, Donald P. Greenberg, Richard Popp
1990 ACM Download Acrobat Reader

3D Intervascular Ultrasound
Piano Mover's Problem Real-Time Robot Motion Planning Using Rasterizing Computer Graphics Hardware
Jed Lengyel, Mark Reichert, Bruce R. Donald, and Donald P. Greenberg
1990 ACM Download Acrobat Reader

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